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Ask any college admissions essay reader about the originality of Personal Essays and they will tell you students submit the same themes year after year. This makes sense as high schoolers are experiencing similar life events.

My copyrighted approach has helped students produce unique themes and narratives:

      Write a non-fiction essay in a fiction format© 

I use my research in the field of Human Emotions to help you revise your manuscript to take the reader on a journey they will see in their mind’s eye as if they are captivated while watching your story on an IMAX® screen. 

Your prose will be true to yourself as you create essays of distinction using creativity and practical examples of how you will be an asset to a college campus.

Of course, your final draft will be reviewed for competency in sentence structure and grammatical accuracy.

I am often asked about using an AI application to write essays. Using AI will result in precisely what you would imagine present-day Artificial Intelligence to produce: an artificial-sounding essay.

Read a fascinating article detailing two “conversations” with ChatGPT that generated two perfectly written but soulless essays.

Title: Here’s How Forbes Got The ChatGPT AI To Write 2 College Essays In 20 Minutes
By: Emma Whitford
Published: Dec 9, 2022

These essays lack the five senses of detail that will separate you from other applicants by taking readers on an explicitly expressed adventure in their mind’s eye.

The scope and limitations of my work as an advisor fall within the honor code at every college campus writing center.

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