About Me

Nancy Heleno

College Essay Instructor

College Application Advisor

You will learn writing techniques to apply in college as I support you in uncovering remarkable and memorable themes for your essays and developing excellent compositions.

An award-winning 3-time school founder, I am recognized for my Writing Across the Curriculum pedagogy.

As a promise to my undergraduate mentor to pay forward his support of my education, when I could fit it into my professional schedule, I taught as a highly-rated adjunct college instructor at four colleges over the years.

While teaching undergraduate and graduate students, I guided each class to creative and excellent work. As a result, they reported learning more in my course than most others.

Now, it is my honor to guide my student clients as they find the best-matched colleges for their unique backgrounds and aspirations. In supervising the writing of their essays, I have a keen sense of students’ capabilities and motivate them with encouragement, and sometimes humor, to reach their potential. 

Noted in my prior career for my innovation and ability for Formal Operational Thought, I have researched and presented a commended new area in clinical shame and guilt, was a corporate sales star, a ground-breaking undergraduate student, and served as a college club faculty advisor. My consultation with Hollywood actors and writers on the nuances of Human Emotions keeps this skill sharp and relevant for editing College Application Essays.

Every endeavor was born of support from a mentor, just as I now serve my clients.

I bring energy with empathy to inspire progression to present an excellent application package that makes each student stand out, which is why my student clients have a high college acceptance rate.

I play many roles in this process including writing instructor, topics coach, research recommender, emotional support, prompt compliance, story-weaver, timeline monitor, and editor.

Attending 24 on-campus information sessions from Yale to Pasadena City College, where I have talked to essay readers, allows me to bring first-hand knowledge to my clients. I have conducted in-depth research on 50+ additional schools.

The scope and limitations of my work as an advisor fall within the honor code at every college campus writing center.

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